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Security is an obsession for everyone who talks about the cloud and virtualization. Hoping to add another layer of comfort to your security concerns, Unisys has introduced its Stealth Solutions Suite, an NSA-certified technology that stealth-enables network endpoints, making them seem invisible on your network. "You can’t hack what you can’t see,” notes Jill M. Walsh, stealth portfolio manager, Technology, Consulting and Integration Solutions at the company. The stealth technology executes low in the protocol stack. On top of the encrypted messages, Unisys adds its special stealth sauce. Like good old fashioned encryption, stealth messages can only be reformatted at the stealth endpoints that have the correct crypto key. It’s simply an added layer on top of traditional encryption, Walsh says. Two scenarios where the technology can be deployed is with data segmentation and bursts into the cloud, as Engineering Product Owner Ralph Farina demonstrated. He showed two clients running on one computer and two servers running on another. Even though two applications were running on the same computer, the clients could only access their matched servers. Attempts to access the other just timed out. It was, essentially, invisible. In the other example, Farina showed a diagram of a burst from a Win7 server into the Amazon cloud. The cloud servers had stealth on them, but they appeared as servers within the enterprise. Amazon stealth workloads appear to be local. That segments it from other data on Amazon, and the cryptographic key stays within the enterprise, not Amazon.