According to the Dice hiring survey conducted in May, they're:

  1. JWhat Are the Most Difficult Skill Sets or Positions to Fill Today?ava/J2EE
  2. Security
  3. Software Developer
  4. SAP
  5. Database Administrator
  6. .NET
  7. Oracle
  8. Sharepoint
  9. C#
  10. Active Federal Government Security Clearance

New to this year's top ten: software developers and C#. Others are firmly rooted in the "hard-to-find" category, like security analysts and engineers, database administrators and technology professionals with active federal security clearances.

As a group, folks in these areas make about $10,000 more than the "average" tech professional, nationally. They're also receiving double the pay raise, compared to tech professionals as a whole.

More details here, in this month's Dice Report.

-- Mark Feffer