Main image of article BlueStacks to Offer Android Apps on Windows 8
Windows 8 + BlueStacks App PlayerBlueStacks, the company behind BlueStacks App Player, a free application that enables Windows 7, Vista, and XP to run Android apps, is reportedly in talks with manufacturers to have its software pre-installed in new Windows 8 devices. Microsoft Windows 8, expected to ship later this year, could run Android apps out of box on select devices. According to AllThingsD, a Windows 8-compatible version of the app player could be ready as soon as Redmond releases the new operating system. The fact that Windows 8 is expected to be used as a tablet platform, thanks to its Metro interface, makes the news more exciting. Unlike BlueStacks for Windows 7, which runs as a desktop gadget, the Windows 8 version would tuck Android apps in the Metro interface as tiles, just like other native apps. What this means: You can install any (well, almost any, I guess) of Android's 400,000 apps on your newly bought Windows 8 tablet or PC, and run them as if they're native Windows apps. The good news is you're actually using a Windows device, meaning you can get some real work done using the regular Windows desktop interface, right after you laugh yourself silly fooling around with the Talking Tom Cat Android app. With the right hardware combination, a Windows 8 tablet could be superior to most tablets in the market today, including the iPad, in terms of practicality. A Transformer Prime-esque tablet running on Windows 8 would be perfect. By just snapping the tablet to its keyboard dock and connecting a bluetooth mouse, you can easily turn a Metro-Android hybrid tablet into a fully functional Windows PC, ready to run some serious software like Adobe Photoshop. That remains as a wishful thinking as of now. Ultimately, we'll have to see how feasible it is to have a full-fledged Windows operating system running on a modern-day tablet. I suspect users would rather not deal with problems normally associated with traditional PCs on their tablet, such as viruses. [youtube]