Yahoo's data center chief David Dibbles is now in charge of pretty much all of the company's technology. Mark Morrissey, who previously reported to the CEO, now reports to Dibble as the head of operations for engineering. Says Kara Swisher at AllThingsD:
[Dibble] is not, as some at Yahoo have perceived the new role, in charge of consumer product development itself. That role still remains with several execs, including Shashi Seth and Mickie Rosen. Yahoo is reportedly looking for a more senior product exec, as well as a new ad head. But — since it’s Yahoo — the shift is not sitting well with some at the company, since it gives the man in charge of IT a much more expanded role in areas beyond his usual purview. One person likened it to “having an architectural firm run by a plumber.”
Swisher has the complete internal memo about the changes. Read her whole story here.