Main image of article You'd Better Like the Idea of Consumerization
InformationWeek's 2011 End User Device Survey provides more proof that the cloud, mobile devices, and dissolving fears around consumerization are dramatically changing IT and its relationship to the enterprise. Though no technology has been completely uprooted in the two years since InformationWeek began the survey, there's more evidence that clearly defined trends are reshaping IT. Things to Come Poster (source: IMDB)For example: In 2009, 64 percent of the tech professionals surveyed thought screen size was a major barrier to smartphone use. Today it's 51 percent. The drop may stem from the simple fact that screen size has increased over the last two years. Also in 2009, tablets were essentially non-existent. Today, the iPad and Android tablets are sure to enmesh themselves into the technology approach of many organizations. The push of employee-owned devices into the enterprise is creating chaos as risks are measured against convenience. But it can be a good thing if you've got the right mindset. Says IW: "If you like the idea of experimenting with rapidly evolving, low-cost technologies and techniques, you've come to the right decade." It's clear that if you work around the desktop in its conventional form, you should find a bridge to another platform, like delivering virtual desktops. Interest in VDI is up 9 points -- to 27 percent -- and IW thinks this will grow significantly by the time it conducts its next survey.