YouTube's preparing to launch movies-on-demand, which will charge users to access and stream Hollywood films. It's a direct attack on iTunes, and could roll out as early as this week. Studios that have licensed their movies include Sony, Warner Brothers and Universal, as well as some independents. YouTube wouldn't comment on the story, but it pointed out to TheWrap that it's been renting movies for a year. Source: TheWrap Apple say it's not tracking the locations of iPhone and 3G iPad users in its first official response to accusations that it was. What everyone's been worrying about is a database of cell towers and WiFi hot spots that help location services do their work. Apple's going to release a software update to shrink the database cache, eliminate its ability to backup, and delete the cache when location services are turned off. Here's better news from Apple: The white iPhone 4 will be out tomorrow. Look on Apple stores both online and off, and at AT&T and Verizon Wireless stores, and some Apple Resellers. Source: The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Tracking, White iPhone The SETI institute's telescope array is going into "hibernation" because money from the National Science Foundation and the State of California has all been spent. The institute is looking for a new donor (it's scanning the Air Force) so it can get the array back online and resume looking for our alien overlords. Source: The Atlantic Wire