Main image of article 10 Industries Hiring the Most Technologists Right Now

Organizations in virtually every industry are hiring technologists. Which industries had the most technology job openings at the end of 2021? 

According to CompTIA’s latest analysis of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), professional, scientific and technical services had the most tech job openings in December, followed by finance and insurance, manufacturing, and information. Check out the full chart:

The tech unemployment rate currently hovers at 2 percent, and organizations have made it clear they’re hungry for technologists with all kinds of skills, from cybersecurity to app development and sysadmin. That means that you can likely find a solid position in an industry that interests you—however, keep in mind that jobs in many industries want you to have industry-specific knowledge in addition to an optimal mix of technical and “soft” skills.

For example, many tech jobs in healthcare ask for related skills such as patient care and knowledge of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Technologists who want to work in finance will likely need to demonstrate at least some familiarity with the laws governing that sector. In similar fashion, knowledge of manufacturing technologies and protocols is a must if you want to do anything in the manufacturing sector.  

No matter what industry or job interests you, make sure that your résumé and application materials optimize keywords and demonstrate your results in past positions. Given how a much larger percentage of open jobs are either all-remote or hybrid (i.e., a few days per week in the office), be prepared to show a recruiter or hiring manager that you’re an effective (and communicative) remote worker. An application tailored specifically to the position has a great chance of landing you the first interview.