Main image of article 80 Percent of Technologists Plan on Looking for Another Job in 3 Months

The “Great Resignation” shows few signs of slowing down, with 80 percent of technologists considering looking for another job within the next three months.

That data comes from Blind, which surveys anonymous technologists on a range of current issues, and is based on 6,802 responses. “It’s more aptly named ‘The Great Career Upgrade.’ People are leaving s—ty jobs for better ones,” one (anonymous) Salesforce employee told Blind. Here’s how technologists at some of the country’s largest tech and finance companies feel about engaging in a job hunt within the next quarter: 

At tech companies such as Oracle, Dell, VMware, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and others, very significant percentages of technologists seem to have another job on their minds. According to Blind, compensation is a big driver of professional wanderlust—as well as a way for technologists’ current companies to retain their most valuable talent. For highly specialized fields such as A.I. and machine learning, the fight for talent among these big companies can become quite intense, complete with massive paydays.

In addition to money, many technologists indicated their desire for a flexible schedule, including the opportunity to continue working from home even as offices across the country re-open. For companies that can’t compete with the tech giants on salary or stock options, offering hybrid workweeks and flexible schedules is one key way to attract and retain talent. If the past two years have demonstrated anything, it’s that technologists prize their work-life balance to the point where they’re often willing to sacrifice compensation to get it.

Better benefits and promotions are also great ways to attract and/or retain technologists. While many technologists who work full-time already have access to benefits such as healthcare, Dice’s latest Salary Report revealed that many are intensely interested in “newer” benefits such as child and elder care. With tech unemployment currently estimated at 2 percent, this is a good time for technologists everywhere to negotiate for the money and benefits they want.