Main image of article Acer's Revo RL100 is a Single-Minded HTPC
Acer Revo Media CenterFolks that live in the right parts of Asia have been able to get their hands on Acer’s clever Revo RL100 Media Center for around six months. Now what could well be described as a home theater PC for the masses has made it stateside. If you want a PC that you can hook up to your television to enjoy your favorite first-person shooter on a big screen, this ain’t it. The 1.3GHz Athlon processor isn't up to the task and there is simply not enough room for a discreet video card in the one-inch high case – 4GB of RAM, USB 2.0 – from the specs it sounds like a PC from five years ago. What the Revo RL100 does is fulfill a very specific need. It is toned down with a single purpose in mind: The lower specs allow it to do what it does without rocketing up the electricity bill, and without the need for an elaborate (and noisy) cooling system. It will fit in with the rest of the stuff on the AV rack. The base model will set you back around $500. An extra $69 gets you a Blu-ray capability. Couple that with the 720GB hard drive, Wi-Fi connectivity (or wired for those that prefer) and a keyboard that hides away when not in use (and also acts as a track-pad), and it becomes a versatile little package. It might not be setting any processing records, but it has more than enough power for what it is designed to do. Source: Engadget