It’s not enough to simply purchase a whole lot of startups: sooner or later, the bigger corporation doing the buying will actually need to integrate those startups into the whole. That’s the challenge facing Actian Corporation, which has merged assets from its acquisitions of ParAccel, Pervasive Software and Versant Corporation into two data analytics offerings, Actian DataCloud and ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform. The DataCloud platform features a variety of prepackaged apps and data services, along with data-integration tools (the better for creating a holistic analytics platform across the cloud and on-premises). It also features a variety of data-matching and data profiling capabilities. Meanwhile, the ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform includes built-in Apache Hadoop analytics, data-provisioning and data-discovery tools, as well as expanded analytics libraries. Hadoop, of course, has rapidly become the framework of choice for many vendors with a need to crunch massive amounts of data across widely distributed hardware clusters. “The unprecedented explosion in data complexity and volumes, along with fast-growing demand for sophisticated analytics, present both opportunities and threats for today’s business leaders,” Ray Wang, chief executive officer and principal analyst at Constellation Research, wrote in a statement released by Actian. “As social, mobile and cloud converge in the enterprise, [organizations] can innovate and expand, or be displaced by those that do. The data-driven world demands that [organizations] adopt a modern, purpose-built big data analytics infrastructure that can mean the difference between market success and failure.” Actian isn’t the only firm to snatch up cloud and data-analytics startups. Over the past two years, the M&A action in the analytics space has been fast and furious, driven by increased client interest in crunching massive datasets. Few of those firms have announced their plans for integrating their new assets into their broader infrastructure, and much of the benefit of those acquisitions—if any—seems tucked deep into various financial sheets. However, if Actian’s new announcement is any indication, we may see more high-profile reveals of what those firms actually plan to do with those purchases.   Image: Stokkete/