If you feel like your IT career is stuck in neutral, you're not alone. Aside from receiving minuscule pay increases over the last couple of years, we still face a market where hiring is tight. So, you can't stand pat. It you want to change jobs or move up a step or two, you've got to become more aggressive. How, you ask, do you do that?

Move to a Large Company

On average, technology professionals earned $88,075 working for companies with more than 5,000 employees. The smallest companies (with 50 or fewer employees) paid on average $69,658 to their technology workers, says the Dice survey.

Move to a Hot Industry

Healthcare, financial services and the U.S. government will do much of the tech hiring this year. Accept a lateral move - some say even take a step backward - to get your foot in the door, because insiders are usually given priority when higher level positions open up.

Boost Your Visibility

If you're stuck in a low-profile assignment, you'll be passed over when promotions and higher paying jobs do arise. Boost your visibility by transferring to a critical project or ask an influential manager to be your mentor.

Prepare for Your Next Job in Your Current Role

While salary increases may be limited, managers often have funds for employee training, certifications or business courses. Also, look into transferring into a business unit, working with high-profile clients, serving on a cross-functional team or supervising interns and trainees.

Look Ahead When Bulking Up Your Skill Set

In 2010, professionals with Oracle, J2EE/Java, C languages, project management and SQL skills were in-demand and garnered handsome salaries, the Dice survey found. -- Leslie Stevens-Huffman