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If you’re on the verge of making a big career move, you’re probably wondering if AI can help you achieve your goals. At least in theory, AI can revolutionize the job search process, with a host of potential functionalities to streamline and optimize the experience for job seekers.

Jonathan Kestenbaum, managing director at AMS, a talent strategy company, explains how AI-powered platforms utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities to offer personalized job recommendations, analyze job descriptions, and enhance resumes and cover letters with strategic keywords.

“Features like automated matching, resume optimization, and personalized recommendations, help job seekers navigate job boards and offer a more tailored approach to their job hunt,” he said.

Kestenbaum advises job seekers to update all online professional profiles and resumes to ensure alignment with current career aspirations and skill sets. He also highlighted the importance of setting clear goals, urging individuals to define the type of job or company they are targeting to streamline their search efforts: “You need to understand the functionality of AI tools—familiarize yourself with how these platforms operate to leverage them effectively.”

Kestenbaum emphasized the significance of preparedness for engagement, stressing the need for prompt responses to AI-generated leads and opportunities to capitalize on potential job prospects efficiently. By implementing these strategies, job seekers can harness the power of AI tools to navigate the job market with precision and confidence.


Dice isn’t new to the AI space. We’ve been leveraging AI and machine learning in our products and solutions for 8 years to bring efficiency to the hiring process. Our AI is fueled by Dice’s patented tech taxonomy, which explores more than 300,000 connections between different tech skills and occupations.

How Dice Can Help Find Your Next Tech Job Role:

  • IntelliSearch Alerts: Once a tech professional creates their profiles and uploads their resume, our AI suggests open roles that they match- and sends them directly to your inbox
  • Jobs Match: We leverage our patented knowledge graph to map hundreds of thousands of tech occupations and skills to accurately match you to the right role based on your skills, experience, and job titles.
  • Dice AutoPen: AI-powered tool that you can use to generate cover letters when applying to jobs on the Dice mobile app.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium enhances the job search experience by offering a higher level of personalization and tailored insights, helping users unlock new opportunities and increase productivity, all powered by AI.

Features of LinkedIn Premium:

  • AI-powered personalized career action suggestions
  • Swift parsing of posts, articles, and videos to highlight opportunities based on your content
  • Guidance on researching roles, companies, and industries
  • Interview preparation support

How LinkedIn Premium Can Help Find Your Next Tech Job Role

  • Optimize Your Profile: Complete your LinkedIn profile to ensure it reflects your skills, experience, and career aspirations.
  • Set Preferences: Use LinkedIn Premium's advanced search filters to specify your desired tech roles, locations, and companies.
  • Receive Personalized Insights: Use the AI-driven recommendations to get deeper insights into industry trends and job opportunities.
  • Feed Analysis: Use this feature to run through your posts and identify relevant job opportunities and industry updates based on the content.
  • Job Fit Assessment: These tools can help you evaluate if a job is the right fit for you based on your profile and career goals.
  • Apply Smartly: Use the "Easy Apply" feature for quick applications to recommended jobs.


WayUp specializes in entry-level jobs and internships, using AI to match students and recent graduates with relevant opportunities and providing resources to help them succeed in their job search.

Features of WayUp:

  • AI-driven job and internship matching
  • Personalized job alerts
  • Company insights and reviews
  • Application tips and guidance

How WayUp Can Help Find Your Next Tech Job Role:

  • Create a Profile: Set up a detailed profile highlighting your education, skills, and career aspirations.
  • Receive Job Matches: Use WayUp’s AI to receive personalized job and internship recommendations in the tech industry.
  • Set Up Job Alerts: Enable alerts for new tech job postings that match your preferences.
  • Research Employers: Access insights and reviews about potential employers to make informed decisions.
  • Utilize Application Resources: Follow tailored tips and resources to improve your applications and increase your chances of success.


The popular company review site also leverages AI to provide job seekers with personalized job recommendations and comprehensive insights into companies, salaries, and interview experiences.

Best Features of Glassdoor:

  • AI-driven job recommendations
  • Company reviews and ratings
  • Salary insights and comparisons
  • Interview tips and experiences
  • Job market trends and analysis

How Glassdoor Can Help Find Your Next Tech Job Role:

  • Set Up Your Profile: Create a detailed profile with your skills, experience, and career preferences.
  • Explore Job Recommendations: Use the AI-powered job recommendation feature to discover tech roles that match your profile.
  • Research Companies: Access company reviews and ratings to evaluate potential employers and their work culture.
  • Analyze Salaries: Compare salaries for similar tech roles in different companies and locations to ensure competitive compensation.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Utilize interview tips and experiences shared by other candidates to prepare for your tech job interviews.


Pymetrics uses neuroscience-based games and AI to assess your cognitive and emotional traits, matching you with job roles and companies that fit your unique profile. The assessment includes an additional four games that take between 7-10 minutes to complete.

Best Features of Pymetrics:

  • Neuroscience-based assessment games
  • AI-driven job and company matching
  • Personalized career guidance
  • Integrated video interviews
  • Tailored interview questions

How Pymetrics Can Help Find Your Next Tech Job Role:

  • Complete Assessments: Play neuroscience-based games to evaluate your cognitive and emotional traits.
  • Get Matched: Receive AI-driven job matches tailored to your profile and strengths in the tech industry.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Practice using the video interview system, where you can hide your self-camera and timer, and re-record answers.
  • Experience Integrated Interviews: Participate in video interviews with tailored questions based on your assessment data, ensuring a fair evaluation.
  • Learn About Employers: Watch videos that provide context about the company, role, and hiring process to better prepare for your interviews.

Best Prompts to Use to Find a Job

Kestenbaum said there are some key prompts IT professionals should enter when using AI-powered search tools.

"Show jobs related to [specific technology or role] in [location]": This prompt helps users narrow down their job search by specifying the desired technology or role they're interested in and the location where they prefer to work. By filtering job listings based on these criteria, job seekers can focus their efforts on opportunities that align with their skills, interests, and geographical preferences.

"Analyze my resume and suggest improvements for a [specific role]": This prompt will give users personalized feedback on their resumes and help them tailor it to a specific role or job description. AI algorithms analyze the content of the resume and compare it against the requirements of the target role, identifying areas for improvement such as missing skills, relevant keywords, or formatting enhancements. Optimizing a resume will lead to a better match for applicant tracking systems (ATS), increasing the chance of moving to the next step in the hiring process.

"What skills are in high demand for [industry/role]?": This prompt provides users with insights into the skills that are currently in high demand within a specific industry or role. Job seekers can better prioritize their professional development efforts by understanding market demand—that can direct them to what skills they should acquiring or enhancing to better position themselves.


AI tools including LinkedIn Premium, Dice's AutoPen, WayUp, Glassdoor, and Pymetrics all offer AI-powered career action suggestions and insights, providing personalized alerts and company insights, offering job recommendations with salary insights, or even neuroscience-based games to match candidates with suitable roles.

Ken Sardoni, senior vice president of learning programs for CompTIA, suggested job seekers use multiple tools to best assess how each platform works and draw from the resources each site has to offer. “I'll run through multiple sites just to get different perspectives and nuances,” he said. “That helps ensure you know you're making good decisions with the information you're getting from the research.”