If you're bored with your regular alarm clock's voice, you might want to consider the Alternative Alarm Clock. It can wake you up with whatever you want, providing said item runs on electricity. Here’s how it works: The plugs on top are connected to the timing mechanism. At wake-up time, the power begins to flow and whatever you have plugged into the device springs to life. You could stick with mundane noisemakers like a stereo or television; or you could get creative and go for something like a blender or a coffee grinder (neither of which would be a particularly nice sound with which to wake, depending on your feelings about coffee). Or what about opting something more infuriating than annoying? You could wake up with a spotlight aimed at your face, maybe. The clock, which is the work of Royal College of Art graduate Ki Hyun Kim, made its debut at the Show RCA 2011. It seems to have made it out of the concept stage and has become a working prototype. Whether it completes the journey to market remains to be seen. Source: Dezeen