Main image of article Always Come to the Job Interview With Questions
There are lots of ways to mess up a job interview: Badmouthing a former employer or colleagues, getting excessively personal, arguing with the people in HR, and inflating your skill set. But a true killer is not having any questions for the interviewer. Asking questions about the company and particulars of the position shows you’re interested in the job, and that you did some research beforehand. That being said, some interviewees make the classic mistake of asking pointed questions about salary and benefits at the very beginning of the interview, which only tells the interviewer that the person sitting before them is more interested in money than contributing to the project or company. What sorts of questions are best? That depends heavily on the position. The questions an Agile developer might ask in order to get a good sense of the job are radically different than those a systems administrator should ask. The important thing is to have a handful of well-thought-out questions ready—otherwise the interviewer might wonder why you’re wasting his or her time.

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