Main image of article Amazon, AT&T Among Those Who May Want Hulu
There's no shortage of potential suitors for Hulu, as the wildly popular video streaming service begins to seek a buyer. Last week, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo were revealed to be in talks with Hulu, but it looks like they're not alone. Amazon, AT&T and Verizon are said to be heading a pack of possible buyers that also includes Facebook, Liberty Media, Netflix and Samsung. The reasons behind the push for a sale are complicated: Hulu is doing extremely well, thanks largely to it being jointly owned by Fox, NBC Universal and Disney’s ABC – which all make their content available over the service. That gives Hulu a significant edge against competitors. But for its owners, Hulu's become something of a conflict of interest as it fast becomes a competitor to cable television, which some of Fox, NBC Universal and ABC’s partners depend upon for ad revenue. Source: Electronista