Main image of article Amidst Silicon Valley Layoffs, TikTok Is Hiring

Even as Silicon Valley giants such as Twitter and Meta cut staff, one company has been aggressively hiring technology professionals: TikTok.

According to The Information, tech professionals laid off from Twitter and Meta over the past few weeks have received calls from TikTok’s recruiters. Two anonymous sources told the publication that TikTok intends to double its Silicon Valley staff to 2,000 workers.  

TikTok, which allows users to watch ultra-short videos selected by algorithm, is widely viewed as a serious threat to Meta and other social networks in the unending battle for users’ attention (particularly younger users). Although the Trump administration attempted to ban the app in the U.S. on national security grounds, the app continues to operate after a complicated deal in which U.S. users’ data is routed through Oracle’s servers.

For those interested in potentially working for TikTok, compensation matches that of other social networking giants. Take a look at this chart from, which crowdsources its compensation data:

TikTok’s hiring spree is a healthy reminder that, even during times of economic uncertainty, companies everywhere will still need all kinds of tech specialists to accomplish their goals. From building websites to developing better algorithms, tech work simply needs to be done.

Even if you’re not interested in working for TikTok, keep in mind that many recruiters and hiring managers will respond to a “TikTok resume.” A quick TikTok video breaking down your skills and experience could potentially rack up hundreds of views and draw the attention of desirable employers.  

“There are smart entrepreneurial technical people everywhere,” Farhan Thawar, Shopify’s vice president for engineering, told The New York Times earlier this year about their company’s use of TikTok to find engineering candidates. “We have this thing where if you can’t explain a technical topic to a 5-year-old, then you probably don’t understand the topic. So having a medium like TikTok is perfect.”