Just got this e-mail:

You know, it's just amazing. I just posted a manager's job in various places. I have already received several dozen letters and resumes from some highly qualified people, some with 10-20 years of experience in all the right areas. I read every single one of them. But I am not going to contact or interview any of them. Why? Not one of them even mentioned our company, or gave any evidence that they were at least vaguely aware of or intrigued by what we do after looking at our website for five minutes. All they do is recite their qualifications - nothing about why they want to work here, rather than just anywhere.

Maybe it's different for other occupations and all you need to do is recite the acronyms of the skills you have? All I can tell you is that for a job in IT this does NOT work.

I'll shut up now.

-- Mark Feffer