MoneyMeteor, a platform that help users build Web apps with JavaScript, has received $11.2 million in series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Matrix Partners. Like GitHub, which Andreessen Horowitz earlier invested $100 million in, the Meteor platform and framework is open source. Meteor was founded by Matt DeBergalis, Nick Martin and Geoff Schmidt, all of whom had  previously created their own browser apps. Meteor resulted from their need for a platform that could help build rich interactive, yet real-time, Web apps. Though browsers aren't supposed to complex tasks like send real-time data back and forth or refresh only some portions of a page, the three developed Meteor as a fix. Using Meteor, developers can now create browser apps like the Asana task-management  app. With 11.2 million new dollars to spend, Meteor can position itself for serious growth.  Matrix Partners's David Skok compares the company with JBoss, which was sold to Red Hat for $420 million in 2006. Related Links