CamCard ScreenAll the candy-colored apps that smartphones provide are fun and entertaining, but what about when it’s time to get down to business? Although BlackBerry users have always contended their phones are for serious work, the device seems to be stumbling in the marketplace. Some users are looking for alternatives, and they have dozens of Android phones from which to choose. And the Android business apps are coming. From ZDNet, here's some of the top 20. CamCard: “Here's an app that takes the pain out of keeping up to date with your contacts: take a picture of a business card using CamCard and the info is automatically added to your contacts list. The app also allows contact details to be saved to Gmail or Exchange.” CamScanner: “CamScanner turns your Android device into a document scanner, letting you convert any paper document into a PDF using the camera on your phone.” TouchDown: “TouchDown brings enterprise e-mail, contacts and calendars from your Exchange server to your device. It also includes security features such as remote wipe and data encryption so your corporate data remains secure.” MeetingREC: “This recording app can differentiate between speakers, which makes it useful for recording meetings. The app can register up to eight different voices.” Have you found Android apps to get you through your work day? Source: ZDNet