Android Robot Looking InAndroid's SDK tools were updated recently with changes to UI design, debugging, and device emulation. If you haven't already, it's time to update your tools.  Below are highlights from the latest release. For the full details, visit the Android Developers blog. Lint
  • Bug fixes for better performance
Eclipse and Ant Build System Improvements
  • Custom views support
  • Debug-only functions
  • Strict dependencies support for third-party Jar files
Device Emulator
  • AOSP, Android Open Source Project, now has x86 support for virtualization mode on Windows and Mac OS X (thanks Intel)
  • Webcam and sensor emulation has enabled an experimental multi-touch input support through tethered Android device
Support Library
  • ShareCompat helper class adds easier send/receive content support for social sharing apps
  • Cross-version support for Android Design guidelines for app navigation
  • Compatibility implementation of Android version 3.0 helper class for creating standardized styles for notifications
Look out for a faster emulator and many other performance enhancements over older versions of the SDK. Happy developing!