Main image of article AOL's Simple Web-Based Video Chat Launches 'Internally'
It doesn't matter whether MG Siegler of TechCrunch is defying the blog's parent company by leaking secret projects or whether it's part of a marketing plan. The new Web-based video chat service by AOL, dubbed "AV," is now public, so we shall treat it as such. AV is dead simple, the way video chat should be. No accounts, no logins or anything else personal is required. All you need is a browser with Flash installed (sorry, iDevice users). To get started, visit, click on "Start a video chat," enter your nickname, and you'll receive a unique link. Simply send it to anyone you want to video chat with and off you go. Each video chat room can accommodate four users. The app is somewhat integrated with Facebook, meaning you can forward the link to your Facebook friends without leaving it. With so many third-party voice and video chat apps tapping inon Facebook's massive user base, it's no wonder the giant social network is scrambling to get hold of Skype.