Main image of article Doom For Apple's 30-pin Dock Connector
Rumors that Apple will soon dump its ubiquitous 30-pin dock connector have gotten fresh fuel from a job posting on Cupertino's website.
The Connector Design Engineer will be responsible for managing multiple connector designs and developments in support of the iPod product lines. Cross-functional development and consulting will be a major part of your daily work. As a Lead Engineer you will be responsible for identifying appropriate connection technology requirements for new products and follow through with selection and development of suitable interconnect products. This will often involve adaptation of existing connectors or complete new designs. Interfacing with connector suppliers to direct and implement the necessary design changes or creation of completely new designs will also be a major part of your daily work.
One line jumps out: “This will often involve adaptation of existing connectors or completely new designs.” This suggests that Apple hasn't entirely settled the fate of the dock connector – or it could be a simple case of Apple doing all that it can to maintain its special brand of corporate secrecy. Either way, changes are coming. While downsizing the connector will open up a range of new and exciting design possibilities, those who are worried about their collection of 30-pin peripherals can probably rest easy. Think of all the money you can make by selling overpriced proprietary adapters. As to when we're going to lay eyes on this new connector, that's anyone’s guess. That Apple's bringing in fresh engineering talent tends to suggest that there's still quite a bit of work to be done, which would make iPhone 6 (or 5 S) the most likely candidates. On the other hand, Apple's always been big on the element of surprise, so you never know.

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