Main image of article Apple Fake Store Show Up In China

Last week on the Internet, thanks to a website called BirdAbroad, we discovered that a fake Apple Store had appeared in China. It all begun last week, when the website published photos from a store named "Apple Store," selling Apple gadgets. At first look, everything seemed legit. But this is China, the global leader in fake things, and also the place where most original electronic devices are manufactured. Link those two things and you come up with a nice cocktail. From the photos we see that all employees of the store respected Apple rules and wore a blue t-shirt and Apple tags around their necks. Inside everything was as perfect as it is inside a genuine Apple store, including the way devices were situated and employees hovered near customers.

Inside Fake Apple Store in China

An employee admitted the store is unauthorized, Apple confirmed it, and Reuters said customers want their receipts: When they brought a product, employees told them to come back later for them. A total rip off? In China there are no laws to deny the use of copyrighted materials. One  employee said, "There is no Chinese law that says I can't decorate my shop the way I want to decorate it." As for the products that are being sold there, he added, "the media is painting us to be a fake store but we don't sell fakes, all our products are real, you can check it yourself." Sources: Reuters, BirdAbroad