Main image of article Forget the OS: Apple and Google Care Most About Your Data
by Natalia David Dice's Guest AppearanceSteve Jobs in his last days talked a lot about taking Google down, and Apple seems to have inherited his “Google Is Evil” sentiment. Like scornful ex-lovers, the tech giants keep going head to head. The latest move is right there in iOS 6: No more Google Maps, no more built-in YouTube. All of this is about more than simple competition. At the heart of it is data mining. Consumers, or information about them, is sold to advertisers and app developers, so the more data a company has about its users, and even users that snub them, the better. So who’s ahead? You don’t need to download iPhone spy apps or Android spyware to get your data compromised. These two tech giants could be doing it for you.

Who Gets The Cake?

When it comes to YouTube, Apple says simply didn’t want to renew its contract. But some are speculating that Google didn’t care for a renewal, so it let the agreement lapse. Either way, for all the yummy things that iOS 6 brings to the fore, a YouTube button isn't one of them. Since Apple previously dropped Google’s search bar -- replacing it with a simple “Search” option -- YouTube’s exit isn’t much of a surprise. Neither of these rejections spell trouble for Google: It just means its teams will have to come up with apps for iOS lovers. We could be looking at improved performance, better updates -- and of course brilliant opportunities for Google to extract data from iOS devices anyway.

Step Aside Siri

Recently, Google prophesized a grand change in the way the world works. Or at least the way the digital world works. Maybe, for instance, we’re closing in on a world where Google-powered search engines will function on voice instructions. Not everyone has a blast using Siri, who seems to discriminate against people with accents, even American ones. If Google brings out the big guns, it might knock Siri out completely. And what makes Siri so very special? Every time you ask her a question, someone at Apple gets to hear it. The company takes all that nifty data and looks for ways to use it. Maybe it wants to manipulate you into buying things/apps you don’t really want. Google, which already has issues when it comes to respecting people’s privacy (think Safari and Street View), wouldn’t let it’s virtual conscience miss a beat before it tapped into your head with a new and improved Siri-spoof search engine. Both companies at some point, if they don’t already, will know who you are, where you live,  who your friends and family members are, and what underwear you put on every Tuesday. One app after another, one search engine update after another and one map upgrade after another they’ll continue to battle it out for the most and most detailed user data. It remains to be seen whether the playing field will ever even itself out. Natalia David blogs for cellspyexpert,covering PC security Software, cell phone spy software and android spy software. If you want to know more about Natalia you can follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4