Main image of article Apple Hiring to Extend Battery Life in OS X
An engineer on Apple’s OS X Mavericks team posted links to two job openings via his Twitter account Monday. Anthony Chivetta tweeted, “Want to help improve the performance and battery life of OS X?” and linked to a job posting for a Software Power Engineer on Apple’s OS X Power Engineering team, who will be responsible for the efficiency of OS X and its bundled applications. The engineer would also work on feature definition for new OS releases and OS compatibility with new Mac hardware. Another position, Software Power Infrastructure Engineer on the OS X Power and Performance Engineering Infrastructure team, will involve “the creation and maintenance of tools used to identify and triage power regressions in OS X,” according to Apple’s website, as well as contributing to the automation used to run those tools. The two openings are at Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California. According to Apple Insider, the new hires won’t work on Mavericks or this year’s Mac hardware. The openings hint at Apple’s push to improve battery life in its next generation hardware and future versions of OS X. Recently, Apple posted an opening for a thin-film engineer, hinting that it may be looking into using solar power to prolong its mobile battery life.