Apple CEO Tim Cook dangled a few morsels of information about the company's iPhone, iPad, TV and Siri product plans Tuesday. His tidbits will undoubtedly whet the appetite of any iOS developer headed over to WWDC next month. Here's a condensed version of Cook's coy comments during the D: All Things Digital conference:
  • Will Apple build a TV or offer up a TV content service - beyond its existing mini $99 TV set-top box? Cook says TV is an area of interest and one that Apple plans to continue exploring, though it's not conclusive where it will take the company. Apple's still uncertain whether it will be able to "control the key technology."
  • Smaller or larger iPhones and iPads to come? Cook refuses to be held to a one-size-fits-all mentality and notes if that Apple finds it's capable of churning out more sizes, it will.
  • Siri to become a chatterbox? On this one, Cook threw out more than a crumb, noting that folks should expect more things out of Siri in the coming months.
  • Facebook to "friend" the iPhone and iPad? Cook's not-so-coy response: "Stay tuned." Hmm. During last year's WWDC, Apple announced it would integrate Twitter into future versions of the iPad and iPhone, Reuters notes. This year's WWDC is around the corner on June 11-15.
On the jobs front, Cook says his preference is to find more ways for Apple to make components in the U.S., much as it does for the iPhone processor and glass display. He can bet that's the preference of U.S. workers, as well.

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