What’s the must-have feature in Apple’s next big iOS update? Stability. According to the Apple-centric blog 9to5Mac, Apple has listened to user complaints about its mobile platform’s recent performance. Whereas the company focused on adding as many next-generation features as possible to previous iterations of iOS, that rapid evolution came at a cost: In recent weeks, the blogosphere has rumbled mightily about the bugs and sluggishness reportedly affecting iOS 8. (Those bloggers have also complained of similar issues with Mac OS X “Yosemite.”) Check out the latest iOS-related jobs. “I don’t regret upgrading from iOS 7 to 8, or from Mac OS X 10.9 to 10.10,” noted blogger John Gruber wrote in a January posting. “I definitely don’t want to switch to Android or Windows. But I’d like to think that a year from now, I’ll be running new versions of iOS and OS X that don’t do much more than what today’s versions do—instead, that they just do those same things more reliably and consistently.” Unnamed sources within Apple have reportedly told 9to5Mac that the company will attempt to ease those irate fans’ concerns with the next iOS release, which will feature performance and stability improvements, in addition to (hopefully) fewer bugs. That could also help out users of older iOS devices, who sometimes feel penalized by the demands of newer operating systems on their aging hardware.

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Image: Apple