Main image of article Apple Pledging $50 Million Toward Diversity
In 2014, Apple unveiled a diversity report that sent CEO Tim Cook into a very public display of angst. “I’m not satisfied with the numbers,” he said, after Apple’s own internal data revealed that the company was 80 percent male and 54 percent white. Now Apple will partner with a handful of nonprofits to increase diversity in the tech industry as a whole. Under the terms of the new agreements, the National Center for Women and Information Technology, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and other organizations will receive a total of $50 million from Apple, according to Fortune. That money will fund internships, scholarships, and additional training for women and minority students. In addition, Apple could also fund training and onboarding programs for veterans, although details of those programs have yet to be made public. Apple isn’t the only tech giant investing more heavily in diversity efforts. Intel, for example, is pouring $300 million into an initiative that will increase its percentage of women and minority workers over the next several years.

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