Apple's looking for engineers as it works to expand the scope of iCloud. It's looking for at least 19 of them as it reportedly prepares for a massive refresh of the eight-month old service. A key change is a photo-sharing feature, which would allow iCloud users to share photos and comments with each other and extend current use beyond just syncing photos, according to The Wall Street Journal. Apple is also reportedly nose-to-the-grindstone in developing a way to allow users to sync videos.

iCloud Strategy Here to Stay

Apple's committed to iCloud. CEO Tim Cook recently told Wall Street that the service would set the company's strategy over the next decade. That makes total sense, given that it has all those snazzy mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air. They all need help with storage and a way to communicate with each other. Another reason wanna-be iCloud engineers should feel safe is that Cook's not likely going anywhere for a long time. Handpicked by Steve Jobs as his successor, he has the support of both the company's board and its employees. In other words, he's not like a short-timer CEO like Scott Thompson at Yahoo, whose ecommerce and data mining plans are now in question after his ousting. Nor is he a short-timer Leo Apotheker, the former HP CEO who planned to dump the PC division, only to have the company do a 180-degree turnaround when it kicked him out and brought in Meg Whitman. Related Links