Apple's WWDC conference is in full swing and we now know there's not going to be any Apple TV or new iPhone launch - at least at this conference. On a more positive note, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple rolled out their new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Much of the attention was focused on the Pros, because they now have the retina display, are thinner, and have faster processors. Starting price, $2199. Clearly, Apple is doing well and is at the top of their game with their hardware and software. Just for the record, before you think I'm a huge fan-boy, I don't personally use Apple products. I've stuck with Linux for years and own only Android powered mobile devices. I do think it's wonderful that Apple and it's developer community are in such great shape. Considering the state of the American and global economies, it's encouraging to see a company providing valuable goods and services, that people want to buy. Also, in spite of the $1599 per ticket price, the show sold out within hours. Conferences, keynotes, and coding marathons are great opportunities to build the community and roll out brands. Apple is one of the best.

What's this hoopla mean for developers?

Here's a few points for you to ponder.
  • A vibrant company and developer community, along with a loyal user base, probably means people seeking interesting work in apps and mobile will still have plenty of opportunity with Apple. The iconic company has a huge market share and everywhere you look, somebody has an iPhone. How long it will last is anybody's guess.
  • Apple is very effective at promotion and selling. And as they dream up new Web campaigns, content and promotional material, inventive, forward-thinking developers can ride on the coattails of their marketing machine. Although, as noted in The Wall Street Journal, developers would like to see more promotion of their apps in the App Store beyond the ability to put additional information about their apps on the site and have their location apps in a separate area within the site.
  • Apple seems to be a bright spot in an otherwise lackluster economy.  But the results of the November elections, both in the executive and legislative branches, could have profound effects on Apple's future. Regardless of the outcome of the elections.
There doesn't seem to be any slowing down for Apple. They have premium products that people want to buy...and do buy. They must be doing something right. My advice? Study what Apple does and apply their successful practices to your own situation.

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