Main image of article Apple’s Jony Ive on Hiring by Worldview
Apple design head Jony Ive isn’t known for giving many interviews and public presentations, although he’s opened up more in the past few years. Nonetheless, when he does choose to speak, he often includes a bit of actionable wisdom about hiring or design or tech. Ive’s latest nibbles come via a new interview with Charlie Rose, as transcribed by Business Insider. Asked about his process for hiring designers, Ive suggested that the candidate’s worldview matters as much as their previous work. “Well there was a time the [Apple hiring] process would normally be someone would submit a portfolio of work, and that would be reviewed, and we would look very specifically what they did, their designs,” he said. “But I've always been more interested in the way people see the world.” The ideal Apple designer’s perspective, he added, should include an ambition “to develop an expertise to sincerely join us in trying to make the very best products that we can for each other.” Ive and his team have hired new designers on the strength of the worldview question, including one candidate who displayed a “sensitivity that was breathtaking” and thus didn’t need to show off a portfolio in order to land the job. While Ive’s comments focus on designers, his advice potentially applies to anyone within tech. Interviewers aren’t just interested in your skills; they also want to know what sort of perspective you’ll bring to your organization. If you can show the interviewer how your unique take on the industry can help advance the company’s broader mission, you have a much better chance of landing the job.