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Apple will launch the next iPhone on Sept. 9, according to Re/code The Wall Street Journal also confirmed that date, citing an unnamed “person familiar with the matter.” Whenever Apple’s launched an iPhone, the devices have typically gone on sale a few days after the announcement. Click here to find iOS-related jobs. Rumors have circulated for months that Apple would release one or two new iPhones in the autumn time frame, with much of that scuttlebutt suggesting that the company would roll out a 4.7-inch unit followed by a 5.5-inch one. Like its predecessors, Apple’s next iPhone generation will almost certainly include a faster processor, more powerful camera, and upgraded hardware; the bigger question, given Apple’s customary silence about its future projects, is what other features will find their way into the smartphone—tech publications such as CNET are betting on a sapphire-crystal display. A larger screen-size will allow Apple to more effectively compete in the popular “phablet” market, currently dominated by Android phones. Whatever the hardware, the next iPhone will definitely run iOS 8, which includes a variety of improvements such as Health, a built-in app that monitors the user’s health and fitness data. And once Apple releases its new iPhones, the tech world can refocus its attention on yet another item of feverish rumor: the long-awaited, long-gestating, long-whispered-about “iWatch.”

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