Main image of article Are Tech Pros Satisfied with Their Current Salaries?

According to Dice’s latest Tech Salary Report, the average tech salary stood at $111,348 in 2022—and those tech professionals with the right mix of experience and skills could earn much, much more. But are tech pros actually happy with their compensation? That’s a trickier question.

One of the most notable data points in this year’s study is the drop in salary satisfaction for technology professionals. Thirty percent of professionals were either somewhat or very dissatisfied with their salaries in 2022, up from 28 percent in 2021, and the number of those very satisfied dropped to 20 percent from 22 percent in the prior year. Furthermore, nearly half of technology professionals believe they are underpaid relative to other people with the same occupation/skill level. 

In other words, there’s a significant shift in salary expectations; simply put, many tech pros believe there’s a gap between what they want and what they’re actually getting. It’s also not the first time that tech pros have reported some degree of unhappiness; in Dice’s Latest Tech Sentiment Report, tech professionals reported being disappointed with their merit increases during the year (they received 4.8 percent and expected 5.2 percent).

If you’re feeling underappreciated, what can you do about it? If you like where you work, make it clear to your manager that your earnings and internal advancement will go hand-in-hand, especially in an environment where high inflation makes every merit increase you receive less valuable. Ask what you can do to gain more responsibility and increased earnings potential.

If more money is not available, make a push for other things that would increase your experience at work and beyond. For example, many tech professionals are interested in perks and benefits that will boost their training (such as having their employer pay for certifications and classes) as well as their work-life balance. Even if your employer isn’t willing to talk about a pay increase, they’ll likely prove more than happy to discuss anything that will boost your happiness—and thus your likelihood of staying with the company. 

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