Earnings Estimates Chart If you work for a public company and you're not paying attention to what Wall Street analysts say about your company, you should be -- especially around quarterly earnings season. In the days and weeks prior to your company reporting its earnings, these observers typically adjust their earnings estimates, predictions of how your company is expected to perform. When analysts start to lower earnings estimates, their outlook has become dour and employees and prospective job candidates may want to dig in deep and find out why. The tech companies listed here, according to Thomson Reuters, had the steepest declines in analysts' quarterly earnings estimates between October 2 and January 10. Advanced Micro Devices, for one, announced in mid-October plans to lay off 15 percent of its workforce. Additionally, rumors have circulated that another round is in the works for later this month. Seagate Technology employees may have less to worry about, given that the company earlier this month noted that it expects revenue to be higher than it initially projected and that gross margin will come in above the low end of its range. Seagate is reporting quarterly results on Jan. 28. Quarterly results are available for any public company, though sometimes private firms will make them available, as well. By the same token, you’d be smart to take a look at some of the IPO darlings that recently went public and are flush with cash and growth prospects. If you'd like to get some details on how to find all these numbers, see the posts here and here.