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If you’ve been paying attention to news about the tech industry, you’ve no doubt noticed that many tech giants—including, but not limited to, big names such as Meta, Google, and Apple—have either slowed or frozen hiring. Other well-known tech companies, such as Oracle and Coinbase, have unleashed layoffs. Lumped together, that sort of activity suggest the economy (or at least the tech industry) is in trouble.

But at the same time, many economic indicators remain solid. The tech unemployment rate continues to dip, hitting 1.7 percent in July (that’s down from 1.8 percent in June). “Tech occupations across all industry sectors increased by an estimated 239,000 positions in July,” stated CompTIA’s latest analysis of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Tech hiring remains strong across the country, from the largest and most well-established tech hubs to smaller cities that have benefitted from a recent influx of remote tech workers.

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Even if you’re feeling a bit nervous, take heart: CompTIA also found that one in five tech job postings “were for positions requiring two years or less of experience,” while roughly half wanted three to five years of experience. Meanwhile, only 13 percent requested technologists with nine or more years of experience. That’s great news for anyone who’s relatively new in their tech career and is concerned about the opportunities out there.

No matter what the twists and turns in the economy, keep in mind that organizations everywhere will always need technologists for everything from maintaining the tech stack to analyzing massive datasets for crucial insights. Landing the job of your dreams will always hinge on your skills and experience; make sure you’re always up-to-date on your specialization’s latest tools and innovations, and never stop learning whatever you can.