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U.S. News and World Report uses average salary, predicted job prospects and a quantitative assessment of the job satisfaction of active and past professionals to create its annual list of the best careers. As usual, several IT jobs made the top 25 and the publication also names the top six careers in the science and technology field.

The Top 25

  • Software Developer came in at number two boasting an average salary of $54,360 to $87,790. The publication cited constant technology changes as a job challenge but, also a reason for the high demand.
  • DBA was number five and offers an average salary of $41,570 to $115,660. Job growth in this segment has been well-reported and there are numerous courses and tools to support budding professionals.
  • Web developer took the sixth spot based upon projected growth of 65,700 jobs before 2020 and recently documented the growth across a variety of Web-related jobs. The average salary range for Web developers by the way is $43,190 to $119,940.
  • Computer systems analyst ranked seventh with a projected salary range of $48,360 to $119,070.
  • Computer programmer was number nine on the list and pays $40,820 to $114,180 for a role that requires just a two-year degree but the desire for life-long learning.

Best Careers in Science and Technology

No. 1-Software Developer No. 2-Database Administrator No. 3-Web Developer No. 4-Computer Systems Analyst No. 5-Computer Programmer No. 6-Civil Engineer