Main image of article Building an Android-Powered Bathroom Mirror
You’ve heard of smartphones and smartwatches—but how about a smart mirror? Max Braun, an engineer at Google, decided to build an Android-powered bathroom mirror capable of displaying the time, weather forecast, appointments, and other important information. “I ordered myself a two-way mirror, a display panel and controller board, plus a bunch of components and arts & crafts supplies,” is how he began his Medium posting about the build. In addition to Android APIs, the mirror also relies on the Dark Sky Forecast API for weather and the Associated Press newsfeed for information about the wider world. Braun is experimenting with how to integrate Google Now cards into his setup. The user interface, with only a few hundred lines of code, wasn’t that complex, which means that engineers with the time (and patience) could probably replicate Braun’s feat. More to the point, if a couple of off-the-shelf parts and some code are all it takes to make certain household appliances and furniture “smart,” then the Internet of Things could soon prove more DIY (and innovative) than anyone thought.