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Google Play LogoGoogle is strengthening its Android app-developer policies with an eye toward providing users with a better app experience. Since Google hired Matias Duarte (from Palm) to become director of Android User Experience in 2010, Android's user experience has certainly improved. Nowadays, Google is actively taking the steps it needs to break Apple's grip on the  market. The new policies are part of that effort. Here's some of them.
  • No sexually explicit material, violence and bullying, hate speech, impersonation or deceptive behavior.
  • No publishing or disclosure of sensitive information.
  • No copyright infringement.
  • No gambling and illegal activities.
  • No viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses, malware, malicious scripts and vulnerabilities.
  • No spam and affiliated links.

There's More

From here on in, app developers will have to comply with these rules to obtain app approval. They'll have 30 calendar days to fix and republish existing apps that don't comply. If Google finds any violations after the grace period, it will begin sending warnings and ultimately remove any non-compliant apps from Google Play. If you're an Android app developer, check your app to make sure it's in compliance. If you only work with other OS's, you can now broaden your horizons and safely develop apps for Android. Related Links