Main image of article Android Developer Console Now Supports Teams
The Google Android Developer console has been restricted to the account owner, which has been a problem when delegating tasks among a team -- until now. The Android Developer Console now supports teams and adding new team members is similar to adding new users in other shared Google services such as Analytics and Google Plus pages. Will this change lead to better development of Android apps? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  Account access can only be granted by the Android Developer Console owner. Once it is, each new team member can login with their Google Account. User access permissions are controlled by the account owner and revoked whenever needed. The only data with restrictions that can be either granted or denied is financial data. Future updates of the console will include better, fine-grained controls for account owners. The announcement says:
"Users in the Android Developer Console can edit, update, and publish apps, as well as take other actions. However, they can’t invite new users or edit the permissions that Android Developer Console users have."
The Android Developer Console is growing up into a team collaboration tool built for business. Team access should be enabled on all developer accounts. Read the full details of this update on the Android Developers Blog.