Google LogoGoogle offers a program, Developer Relations, that is dedicated to connecting Google engineers with developers.  So, Peer Support isn't the only way to interact with other Android developers. Developer Advocates are the bridge between the tech giant and developers.  A developer advocate's job is to help partners and developers make the most of Google technology and APIs.  They interact directly with developer communities to help aid the growth of cutting edge technologies built on Google products. Developer Office Hours have been held at Google for years.  After the public release of Google Plus, these sessions evolved to include video conferencing using Hangouts.  They were held via IRC in years past.  Android Virtual Office Hours are held each Wednesday at 2:00pm PST.  You can join live via Google Plus or watch the archived version at the close of the session on YouTube.  Last week's session was dedicated to UX and design.  Other topics include a Q & A session with Google Android developers and app developers from Firefrog Games, makers of Solitaire Ultra. Prior to the start of each week's discussion, questions are gathered and voted up or down by participants using a dedicated Google Moderator board. Resources

These weekly sessions are a great opportunity for developers to connect with successful app developers to discuss the Android platform.  If you plan to join these sessions be prepared for a few audio and video hiccups.  Not all developers own the highest quality audio and visual equipment so there are sometimes issues. Tips: A Google Plus account is required to participate in the virtual Office Hours but you are not required to have a webcam and microphone.  Google Plus Hangouts allow you to connect and listen without a microphone or camera. Follow any of the Android Developer Advocates on Google Plus for event reminders and updates.