Main image of article Bullying Still a Major Issue at Tech Firms
Think bullying’s restricted to the schoolyard? Think again: A majority of tech pros report that a co-worker tormented them at some point. That data comes from Connectria, a cloud-hosting company that’s trying to draw buzz with a ‘No Jerks Allowed’ campaign, because office tormenters are as bad as faulty cloud hosting, or something. (Hat tip to Business Insider for the original link.) Connectria surveyed 250 IT professionals in the U.S., who collectively reported that bullying isn’t a minor problem, with 55 percent of respondents reporting some degree of browbeating by a co-worker. An even larger portion (65 percent) claimed they were outright fearful of their bullying colleague. If that wasn’t bad enough, some 83 percent reported having worked with a “jerk” within the past five years. Those so-called “jerks” can have a significant impact on office morale, productivity, and work quality. No Jerks Allowed dumps these workers into several subcategories: Know-It-Alls, Bullies, Complainers, Brown-Nosers, and Office Gossips. While many offices enforce a “zero tolerance” policy, others excuse bullying and similar activities as a side effect of the pressure-cooker environment that (many feel) drives tech firms to success. Until the latter firms change that culture, bullying will likely remain a factor for the foreseeable future.

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