Burnout is something any tech pro can experience, and a new study shows it can happen at even the largest companies with the best perks. This data also hints at which big tech companies you may want to avoid if you fear burnout. Blind recently queried its users to find out the true extent of industry burnout. Based off 11,487 respondents (over 11 days), the company reports 57.16 percent say they’re burnt out. That leaves 42.84 percent reporting no burnout. The question is binary, and only starts to tell the tale. Of the 30 companies Blind tracked for its study, 25 had a ‘burnout rate’ of 50 percent or higher. Just over half of those companies (16) had above-average burnout numbers (57.16 percent is Blind’s average). Of the companies tracked, credit-monitoring company Credit Karma had the highest burnout percentage, with 70.73 percent of its employees reportedly ‘over it.' Amazon’s Twitch was second with 68.75 percent, while NVIDIA ranked third with 65.38 percent of employees reporting burnout. Expedia and the Yahoo-AOL Frankenstein ‘Oath’ rounded out the top five with 65.00 and 63.93 percent, respectively. If you’re looking for a job in tech with a big company, Netflix is a good option. It ranks lowest in Blind’s burnout survey at 38.89 percent. Second lowest is PayPal at 41.82 percent, comfortably ahead of Twitter’s 43.90 percent. Facebook and Uber (surprisingly) round out the bottom five with 48.97 and 49.52 percent of employees reporting burnout, respectively. Blind’s anonymous platform lends itself to openness, so we’re inclined to believe the self-reporting here. It also uses its own review system to qualify its findings, noting Credit Karma seems to suffer from mixed (or “polarized”) reviews. It also says Netflix’s culture has been described as ‘cultish,’ which casts a bit of doubt on whether or not its low burnout reporting is all that accurate. Still, this report is troubling, even for those companies that are outperforming others. For example, Netflix’s 38.89 percent burnout figure tells us over one-third of its employees report they’ve hit the end of their line, despite the wonderful perks and benefits. And if Netflix is the best example of a job in tech, we can only imagine what it’s like to work at Credit Karma. Job burnout infographic