Main image of article California and Texas Continue to Dominate Tech Job Postings

California and Texas are still battling neck-and-neck for the title of the nation’s preeminent tech hub, according to the latest data from CompTIA.

CompTIA’s monthly job report, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Lightcast (which analyzes millions of job postings from across the country), suggests California and Texas handily outpaced other states when it came to tech job postings in August—despite notable declines from July. Check it out:

This isn’t a new trend: for the past few years, Texas has been positioning itself as the nation’s most attractive place for tech companies, thanks to a business-friendly tax code and a huge pool of tech talent. Large tech companies such as Oracle, Apple and Tesla have set down significant roots in the state, while Austin has long fostered a vibrant tech community.

Some pundits have suggested that Texas’s rise comes at California’s expense. During the pandemic, many technologists (and tech companies) announced plans to leave the Golden State, tired of high taxes, real estate prices, and what they viewed as excessive regulation. However, organizations from San Diego to San Francisco continue to post thousands of technology jobs every month, and Silicon Valley remains a huge nexus for investment, talent, and development.

It also pays to keep in mind that virtually every other state is also competing for tech jobs and investment, and are generally more than happy to offer up whatever incentives they need to close deals. Wherever you live, keep in mind that many states have all the investment, schools, and opportunities you need to carve out a career in tech—the bigger question is, what do you want to do?