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Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, built a successful retail company based on the value of personal and professional happiness. It became the basis of his best-selling book, Delivering Happiness. Given the popularity and public interest in his company and the success of the book, he decided that others could benefit from his concept. Along with partner Jenn Lim, the two of them started Delivering Happiness to help others apply happiness to their company. I spoke with Lim, Delivering Happiness’s CEO and "Chief Happiness Officer," at the Future of Web Apps Conference about what it takes to apply happiness to a company. “It makes good business sense, common sense, and ethical sense,” says Lim. “When your employees are happy, then you have a more productive workforce.” In a nutshell, it’s rather simple to build a “happiness” business model, Lim contends. The hard part is staying on track.