Main image of article Turns Your Smartphone Camera Into a Credit Card Reader
Online shopping is all about convenience, but part of the process isn't as smooth as it should be. I'm talking about paying. Big names like Apple, Amazon and PayPal have gained trust and the privilege to store credit card information, which enables them to offer one-click purchases. Smaller online merchants don't enjoy the same privilege. Buying from them often require us to get our lazy bums off the chair, locate our credit card and enter the information manually. wants to eliminate that step, at least for mobile apps. With its card-reading technology, your smartphone camera can accurately read your credit card's information. So, instead of you reading and typing your number and expiration date, you just hold the card under the camera and it enters the information for you, automatically. Don't raise that eyebrow just yet. says it will never store captured credit card images and information, and all data is secured using 128-bit SSL encryption. iOS developers who are accepted into the private beta can start experimenting with in their mobile apps using the iOS SDK. Android developers will have to wait a little while. charges a modest $0.15 per transaction for regular merchants, while non-profits will get a special offer -- 0 charge. [youtube]   Source: RWW