Main image of article Check Out the New Dice Careers App
Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 1.46.26 PM It seems like we do everything via smartphone these days, from checking email to banking. If you’re a tech professional looking for a new job, you’re probably using your mobile device to find the latest opportunities, too. Now the new Dice Careers app can streamline your hunt, while letting you see what you’re really worth in a dynamic market. If you’re new to the Dice app, setting up a profile is easy. After inputting your email and basic information, you select your top skills and levels of experience. That information allows the app’s cutting-edge algorithms to determine your market value. Tweak your skills, and watch your value increase accordingly. The app’s powerful job-search tools let you browse open positions by keyword and location; use a map to see the employment landscape in your city or state; save jobs so you can apply later; and receive job recommendations based on the positions you’ve viewed. Whether you’re a developer, manager, data scientist, security expert, or something else entirely, the new Dice app has something for tech professionals at every stage in their career. And downloading it is as easy as heading to the Apple or Google app stores.