Main image of article Check Out This Rare Footage of Steve Jobs From 1980
Back in 1980, Steve Jobs was an upstart entrepreneur with crazy ideas about what computers could do. This (rare) twenty-minute clip from that year (courtesy of the Computer History Museum) shows him talking about not only Apple’s very early history, but also predicting the evolution of personal computing. “The line between hardware and software is going to get finer and finer and finer,” he suggests at one point, “and one of the ways we’re approaching the problem of how to remove the barrier is try to look ahead a few years and make some predictions as to where the technology will be.” Click to find an Apple-related job. That “skate where the puck is going” philosophy would serve Jobs (and Apple) well in later years, especially when he began work on mobile devices such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. But thirty-odd years ago, he was still very much a dreamer.

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