CIOs are increasingly seeking workers who not only possess technical skills -- but soft skills, as well. Driving this need is the dilemma of melding a company’s business goals with emerging technologies. As a result, soft skills such as teamwork, project management, analytical skills and out-of-the-box thinking are becoming highly valued traits in developers and other IT professionals. Here’s how the survey results of 500 U.S. companies -- which come from CompTIA -- stack up:
  • 93 percent felt a skills gap exists between the company’s needs and their IT staff's capabilities.
  • Approximately 60 percent say they're not close to narrowing the gap.
  • 48 percent indicated plans to focus on narrowing the gap.
  • 19 percent plan to only focus on developing soft skills
In an era when multitasking is considered a great asset, employers are finding it needs to extend out even further out -- to dual-career tasking. It's just another indication that IT isn't just about tech skills anymore.

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