Picture Courtesy Approxy. Approxy has developed new cloud paging technology that is, by some accounts, the holy grail of desktop deployment, since it delivers your desktop anywhere. Cloudpaging promises to simplify backend maintenance as well as improve the user experience. It simultaneously deliver applications, or even whole desktops, and the next generation of game delivery. So instead of thinking about your desktop anywhere, think your apps anywhere. If you use Photoshop, you can have cloudpaged where you’re sitting, whether it’s a desk, work or home. Rather than streaming pixel instructions to the gaming computer, the software streams the x86 instruction set, so the processing can be done locally. It’s a dumb workstation, yet it isn’t. No software is downloaded in the traditional sense and games are ready instantly. This works for your applications just as well. Apps appear in your Start menu as any local software normally would, and all data is also stored locally. When you are done with the software, it vanishes without a trace from the target device - no Registry changes, no leftover DLLs. All is as it was before you cloudpaged the application. Data created with a cloudpaged app remains even after the software is no longer on your PC. Once you've started a cloudpaged app, it can work without a live net connection. This kind of application delivery allows for real-time license management. A license can be invoked or revoked at will, allowing a company to buy only for the licensing they need. Why buy Photoshop for a week when you only use it Fridays? Test drive the new Photoshop before you buy. You won’t need to download and install it on your PC, risking breaking your current version. It runs in a virtual plane. When you're ready to buy, just license it and use only what you need.