Main image of article Coder Foundry Shows How Bootcamps Lead to Jobs
Bootcamps are often a fast-track way for both aspiring and seasoned developers to learn a new stack and programming language, which in turn can open up new opportunities for tech jobs. Eighty-five percent of graduates from an intensive bootcamp called Coder Foundry will land a job at a tech company such as Cisco or Microsoft, or a tech role at a company such as Bank of America or Discover, says founder Bobby Davis. After experiencing trouble hiring for his own startups, Davis decided that the best way to solve the problem was to train his own workforce. Three years ago, he set up a program that could turn someone without programming knowledge into a full-stack .NET developer. (Microsoft .NET is an integrated development environment (IDE) used by a broad swath of technology pros.) We visited Davis in his New York office to find out more about the Coder Foundry immersive class. The signature 18-week program ($13,900), which is available in North Carolina and New York, teaches .NET and C# for web and native mobile development. Thanks to the program, students not only code; they can also talk about that code in an interview with a prospective employer. As part of its course lineup, Coder Foundry offers some shorter programs for students who have prior web development experience. What makes Coder Foundry different from other bootcamps is its emphasis on teaching .NET, as well as having a full-time job placement resource (including a recruiter who places students into jobs). As Davis says in the video, Coder Foundry is a way for people to learn how to code without having to go back to school for a four-year degree in computer science. While there are many ways to learn to code (from self-study to online courses to a “full” university degree), bootcamps offer the opportunity to adopt new skills within a close-knit community of other coders—exactly what you need to get through the enormous workload (and long nights of studying).